Reverse osmosis water filter systems installed & serviced at one low monthly cost.

We offer pure, healthy, and tasty RO drinking water at one low monthly rental cost. Get started today with our FREE professional installation and No-Risk, 7-day FREE trial.

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Great tasting, purified RO drinking water for rent, with sustainability in mind!

Have you ever noticed a bad taste in your water? Do you worry about what all the chemicals and impurities in your current drinking water are doing to your health and happiness?

Well, you can stop worrying now because we specialize in providing homes and businesses with ultra-pure, high-quality reverse osmosis(RO) and alkaline drinking water combined with hot and cold water dispensers at an affordable monthly rate.

If you are looking for a simple solution to the accessibility of pure, clean, great-tasting drinking water, you should have Aquatech Water Systems install a 5 stage RO water system in your home or office. It is a simple, economical, and efficient way to make your own drinking water refreshingly tasty and healthy.

Benefits of reverse osmosis (RO) water filter system:

  • Simply cleaner, healthier and better-tasting drinking water.
  • Removes up to 99% of the impurities.
  • Saves Money: Cut your drinking water cost by over 75%.
  • Hassle-Free: No more transporting heavy bottles.
  • Go Green: Reduce your carbon footprint by Decreasing plastic bottle waste in our landfills.
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RO water for your family

RO for Homes & Residences

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RO drinking solutions for your office

RO for Offices & Businesses

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Aquatech's 5-Stage Advance RO Process

Sediment Filter
1. Sediment

Removes particulate matter, dirt, silt, pipe residue, and rust.

Carbon Block
2+3. Carbon Block

Removes organic solvents, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, harmful chemicals etc.

Reverse Osmosis
4. Reverse Osmosis

Removes inorganic materials, bacteria, lead, mercury, arsenic, and other impurities.

Activated Carbon Filter
5. Carbon Filter

Granular activated carbon filter removes bad odor, VOCs, and enhances water taste.

Alkaline Filter
6. Alkaline Filtration (Optional)

Raise the PH value up to 8.5-9.5, lower the ORP, and adds required minerals.

Our Products

Choose the best fit for your drinking water needs.
Whether for your home or office, feel free to call and speak to our expert at 866.780.7500.

Under Sink RO Water Filters
For: Residences


per month

Under Sink RO Filter With Designated Faucet

With our 5-stage RO system installed under your sink, you will enjoy a steady supply of exceptionally pure water out of a designated faucet on your countertop. Effortlessly fill bottles, use for cooking, and pets. Also, run a separate line to your refrigerator/ice maker at no extra cost.

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Countertop RO Filters
For: Residences, Offices


per month

Bottleless Compact Countertop RO Water Purifier

Sleek and effective countertop RO water filter that can fit anywhere in your home or office. Our system uses an advanced 5-stage reverse osmosis technology to remove 99% of impurities, giving you purified, filtered, great-tasting water. Comes with instant dispensing of both hot and cold water.

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RO Water Dispensers
For: Residences, Offices


per month

Bottleless Freestanding Hot & Cold RO Dispenser

Enjoy pure and great-tasting ice cold or boiling hot water directly from a bottleless water cooler. Our reverse osmosis dispensers store your water in a closed system with stainless steel tanks. There is zero risk of BPA leaching or airborne contamination as with bottled water coolers.

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Produce your own endless supply of pure and great-tasting drinking water without the hassles, costs, and environmental harms of bottled water.

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Aquatech's RO Water Filter Features

Zero Investment

100% free, quick and professional installation for your home or office. No setup fees, no hidden cost.

7-day FREE Trial

Get started with a 7-day NO-RISK trial, which allows you to try our RO water filter system for FREE for 7 days.

FREE Maintenance

Lifetime FREE annual maintenance with filter replacement, water quality testing, and service.

5-stage Advanced RO

5 stage advance reverse osmosis technology removing up to 99% of all impurities and contaminants.

Cost Saving

Spend a fraction of what it costs to buy bottled water. Save more than 75% by switching to our RO system.

Environment Friendly

Protect and save the environment from plastic waste and pollution by switching to an RO purification system.

Whole House Water Softening, Conditioning & Filtration Systems

Hard water is bad for your skin, hair, clothes, and home appliances. It also clogs up pipes and causes scale build-up in your plumbing system. If you are looking for a way to improve the quality of water at your home or business, WE CAN HELP!

Aquatech's whole house water softening, conditioning, and filtration systems provides softer, cleaner, and healthier water.

  • NSF Approved & Certified / Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty with FREE Annual Service
  • FREE Testing and Installation
  • Technology Enabled (WiFi/Bluetooth)
  • Excellent Pricing With Financing Options
Water Softening and Filtration Systems
Protect Hair/Skin & Appliances

All-in-one Water Softener & Filtration System

Premium all-in-one water system, ideal for whole house softening and filtration. Removes common household contaminants, giving your family soft, pure and healthy water without hardness and chlorine.

Salt-free Whole House Water Conditioning, Filtration
Anti-scale, Better Taste

Salt-less Whole House Conditioner & Filtration System

Premium whole house filtration, conditioning system with no salt, no chemicals, and no on-going consumables. Extend the life of all appliances, and filter out all common contaminants including pesticides, and VOCs.


Our Water Softener & Conditioner Features

  • Softer Skin & Hair
  • Clean & Brighter Clothes
  • Use Less Soap
  • Makes Cleaning Easier
  • Extends Life of Appliances
  • No Water Staining or Spotting
  • Filters Out Contaminants
  • Removes Bad Taste & Odors
  • Healthy & Pure Drinking Water
  • Environment Friendly
  • Technology Enabled
  • Affordable Pricing & Discounts
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Aquatech has been dedicated to providing ultra-pure water to southern California for nearly 20 years. We aim to be the best water filter company offering clean and purified drinking water systems. Our mission is to eliminate plastic waste and pollution for a cleaner, greener, and healthier world.

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We are trusted by organizations and businesses of all sizes, who rely on our water purification systems, and personalized service to provide their employees and visitors with ultra-pure, clean, and great tasting water.

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