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Our mission is to provide pure, clean, great tasting, affordable and sustainable drinking water services at your fingertips, as a low monthly subscription - wherever you live or work.

Aquatech Water Systems installs and maintains bottleless, reverse osmosis water systems and dispensers, for one low, all-inclusive monthly cost.

Founded in 2004, Aquatech has been serving the communities of Southern California for nearly two decades. We provide clutter-free, ultra-pure, bottle-less drinking water services to residences and businesses.

Our Aim:

By providing bottle-less reverse osmosis drinking water services, we aim to enable our consumers save considerable cost, improve their general health and wellbeing, and to contribute towards a greener environment by eliminating the use of plastic bottles.

We Are Proud to Serve:

  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • San Bernadino County
  • San Diego County
  • Imperial County
  • Ventura County

Our 5 stage reverse osmosis systems can produce 75 gallons of water per day. We use the high-quality Filmtec membranes which are a subsidiary of Dow Chemical. It can remove up to 99% of the impurities from the source water.

Our Advantages

Pure Drinking Water

Only Pure Water

We understand the necessity of pure water in all aspects of our lives.  There is no need to turn to a bottle for reliable, safe, purified drinking water.  Our advanced 5 stage RO system can provide you with ultra pure, safe and great tasting water right from your own home or place of business.

RO Filtration Process

RO Filtration - Removes up to 99% of Contaminants

Our 5 stage reverse osmosis system uses carbon and sediment filtration before going through the Dow filmtec membrane. This membrane rejects the bad microns of water down a separate line to the drain.  Only the smallest pure microns of water can pass through, leaving you with the most ultra pure water you can safely drink and enjoy.

Free Service and Maintenance

Free Service And Maintenance

Our commitment to providing clean, pure, great tasting water comes with impeccable 5 star service.  Our technicians thoroughly service our units from top to bottom. Water quality tests are performed with filter changes, re-pressurizing and running water through the system. There is no waiting for water to run through - water is ready to drink at end of service. This ensures that you get the best hassle-free service in all of Southern California, at no additional cost.

Satisfying commercial and residential customers alike in Southern California for nearly 2 decades, it is no wonder why Aquatech Water Systems is the leader in bottleless monthly water subscription. Our goal is to provide our customers a clear alternative to the negative environmental impact and health risks involved with plastic bottles.

Our Core Values

Healthy Family

Building Healthy Families

Pure water is of the utmost importance to healthy life at all ages.  Yet many people spend their lives not  drinking pure healthy water.  Our reverse osmosis system raises the standard by filtering a wide range of contaminants including sediment, chlorine, pesticides, fluoride, volatile organic compounds(VOCs), microplastics as well as any foul tastes or odors.  We can also customize your system to suit your preferences for mineralization and alkalinity.

Going Bottleless

Going Bottle-less

Our aim is to lessen the need and use of plastic.  Plastic bottles not only can cause harm to your health, the can also severely harm our ecosystem.  Most bottles end up in landfills or the ocean due to the lack of recycling.  More water and oil are used in the manufacturing and bottling process than what is actually sold to you.  By installing our bottle-less monthly rental water system, you can reduce your consumption of plastic.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We are committed deeply to saving our community and our planet because we care for environment and people around us. We understand the importance of water to us and our planet, thus we adopt practices that promote the conservation of earth's water, the benefits of its controlled usage, and the health of our consumers. Therefore, we have developed a non-invasive method to provide you pure, healthy water, to be a part of a greener, ecofriendly and sustainable future.

Our Products

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Under Sink RO Water Filters
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Countertop RO Filters
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RO Water Dispensers
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Produce your own endless supply of pure and great-tasting drinking water without the hassles, costs, and environmental harms of bottled water.

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Water for your Home

Drinking Water for Homes, Residences

Aquatech's home water system allows you to enjoy unlimited, pure drinking water at a very low monthly subscription cost. Our state-of-the-art reverse osmosis filters remove chlorine and other harmful substances from your tap water, leaving it healthier and tastier. Our system comes with free installation and maintenance.

Water For Your Home

Water for your Office

Drinking Water For Offices, Businesses

Our efforts have reached some of the largest organizations in Southern California. We provide an aesthetically pleasing, clutter-free RO drinking water services for all offices in any industry. By allowing us to serve you, your businesses appear eco-conscious, well organized, and socially responsible.

Water For Your Office

Be a part of our mission for a greener, bottle-less future. Pure water at your fingertips is our goal, and it’s just a phone call away.
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Google Reviews

Google Reviews

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RO Drinking Water Subscription Service For One Low, All-inclusive Monthly Rental

If you are concerned about your health, it is essential to be aware of the quality of water that your family consumes at your home or staff at the office. One way to ensure that you are drinking healthy, fresh-water all of the time is by subscribing to a monthly reverse osmosis drinking water rental service.

The drinking water subscription services offered by Aquatech throughout Southern California provide clean, filtered drinking water to your home and office at one low all-inclusive monthly subscription cost.

Many people prefer not to purchase bottled water because of its high cost and environmental impact. Bottled water also may contain minerals and chemicals that can cause harm to your well-being and also might taste nasty. Our reverse osmosis filtration systems offer better value for money than expensive bottles of purified spring or distilled drinking waters bought in stores.

Our RO filtration system consists of 6 stages of filtration removing all impurities from your tap water that might harm your health. It removes contaminants such as dirt, rust, chlorine, and chemical residue from your tap water, giving you alkaline-rich, pure, and healthier drinking water.

Our reverse osmosis monthly rental units are an affordable way to provide your family and staff with healthy, refreshing drinking water. By investing in our RO water filters, you can protect your family and your office staff against health risks caused by tainted water.

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