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Why Go Bottleless?

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Plastic containers produce toxic chemicals. Have you thought about why your plastic water bottle has a label warning - not to reuse it?

It was revealed that in 2008, bottled water sales in America declined for the first time in years. People are becoming more aware of the threats bottled water poses to their health, wallets, and the environment. Despite this, the United States produces more than 800,000 tons of plastic bottle contamination each year, significantly amplifying global warming.

If you put money into buying bottled water, you're essentially buying plastic. Using bottle-less water coolers can be 2-3 times less expensive than using bottled water coolers and does not produce the waste and contamination associated with packaging and getting bottled water delivered to you.

The bottle-less water cooler is a simple, healthier, and cheaper eco-friendly option.

Why is it so important to ditch the bottles?

A vast majority of of bottled water providers in southern California process their water through reverse osmosis right from their own facility locations. These facilities are in cities such as Vernon, Los Alamitos, Santa Ana, Santa Fe Springs. They are using their facility's tap water supply to produce their own bottled water. After processing city tap water, they proceed to place it into plastic where it will sit for days, weeks, months at a time in temperatures over 100 degrees at times.

Studies have shown that many brands of bottled water do not follow industry guidelines for production and storage of their plastic water bottles. Delivery trucks can hold plastic bottles in their bays for days at a time before they are delivered to your door sitting in the hot sun or hot metal bays.

Besides, the longer you have, and drink from a plastic bottle, the more likely it will leach toxic chemicals into your water.

There is a solution!

With an Aquatech reverse osmosis bottleless water cooler, you can make your own ultra pure reverse osmosis water, and it will automatically be filled into a closed system stainless steal reservoir. Safer and more inexpensive.

The Aquatech Guarantee

By choosing Aquatech and going bottleless, you’re guaranteed an endless running, great tasting and cost effective solution to your drinking water needs. Our bottleless coolers can serve as a healthy choice in hydration and it’s temperature settings can be fine tuned to your specific preferences.

The advantages of bottle-less coolers

Reverse osmosis bottleless water dispensers are a superior choice for the drinking water needs in both the home and business.  Connecting to your existing water line and running through our 5 stage reverse osmosis system, you will be provided with an endless supply of clean fresh drinking water.  This advanced technology in point-of-use dispensing has many excellent features and advantages over other dispenser options.

Let's take a look at the benefits you get when you dispose of bottled water at home or in the office.

Safety: How healthy is your bottled water?

Plastic water bottles contain BPA, a chemical that has been linked to various health conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It has been discovered that most of the bottled water does not even comply with the city's water regulations. The FDA says bottled water is a low priority on its list of enforcement rules.

With all the questions about bottled water companies and their quality, how do we know which water is safe to buy?

A test commissioned by the EWG in 2008, found 38 contaminants in 10 brands of bottled water tested. The water had disinfection by-products, industrial chemicals, radioactivity, and bacteria in them. Some of the chemicals detected have been linked to health effects, such as cancer and methemoglobinemia (blue baby syndrome). Drinking water from a bottle does not guarantee safety and purity.

Aquatech bottleless water is purified in a closed system and stored in a stainless steal reservoir- no risk of BPA leaching or airborne pollution. You have no more concern for harmful metals, chemicals, or impurities.  We apply a unique 5 stage ultra-filtration of reverse osmosis technology to your existing water supply.  This removes up to 99% of all water impurities, including unwanted minerals and contaminants that are hidden in your water supply. 

Sanitary: What's inside your bottled water?

Have you ever wondered what is hidden in your bottled water dispenser?

More than 60% of bottled water coolers are contaminated with microorganisms beyond a safe level.  The constant changing of water bottles exposes the reservoir to particulate matter built up on the bottles, as well as airborne impurities and germs.  Over time, these germs and debris build up to a point that you can visually see it in the water. 

Bottleless water coolers don’t leave you to wonder.  Water is purified and delivered straight to the cooler in a sealed closed system, ensuring that your water is always pure and uncontaminated.

Storage space and heavy 40-pound bottles

Stop storing bottles anywhere in your office or at home: no more bulky water bottles or wasted space for storage of big plastic bottles, full or empty.

Injuries caused by lifting heavy objects are among the most popular workers’ compensation claims in the United States. Bottled water dispensers require employees to lift 40 pound bottles of the floor creating an increased probability for injury.

A bottle-less water dispenser limits the risk of injury to employees since there is no need for costly, bulky, and environmentally harmful plastic bottles.

Bottleless water coolers require no bottles, no lifting, no risk for injury.

Unlimited water supply

How frustrating is it when you get to the water cooler, and the bottle is empty?

Our bottleless water dispensers never run out of water.  They provide a constant supply of both hot and cold water.


Do you fear paying your expensive bottled water bill in the hot Summer months?

With bottled water delivery, you are paying for every bottle delivered as well as a fuel surcharge at each delivery. With hotter temperatues comes higher water consumption.  Most businesses water consumption will double or triple during the warmer temperatures thus reflecting on their bills.

Your employees can waste precious time removing and changing bottle, receiving bottle deliveries and  cleaning out the dirty cooler reservoir.

A bottleless water cooler is hassle free and at less than $1 per day, is the clear choice for saving money.

Save the earth - go green

Did you know that about 14 billion pounds of trash find their way in the oceans every year, and about 24 billion plastic bottles go to landfills?

Let's take responsibility and get rid of plastic altogether. By simply switching to a bottle-less water cooler, you can help reduce the rate of global warming and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 72%. Go bottle-less and you get to protect the planet in the process.

Do you want to live in a way that protects the future of our children? Do you want to live in the greenest world possible with environmental awareness, respect, and appreciation for mother earth? Then it's time to get the bottles behind you!

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