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Inglewood's history has always had an intricate entwining with water. The first inhabitants of that region used the natural springs at the present day, Centinela Park, to feed their herds and sustain them.

To this day, Inglewood depends on clean and safe water to fend for its residents and their domestic and public needs. Moreover, with our reverse osmosis filtration, abundant, safe, and affordable water is no longer a myth but a present reality. Reverse osmosis water dispensers and purifiers are an innovation that are eco-friendly reducing the pollution that bottling companies cause in and around Inglewood.

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About Inglewood

Inglewood serves as an entrance to major commercial cities in the United States and nearby regions due to its strategic position on the Pacific Rim shore. As of 2019, the city had an estimated population of 108,151. A major attractant to this space in history was the lush pasture for grazing animals and the adequate water that supported life. This caused settlers to gravitate to Inglewood and brought about mass development in the area.

Daniel Freeman bought the rancho and founded the Centinela-Inglewood Land Company in 1887. Freeman named the city after his hometown in Canada, and in 1887, Inglewood became a poultry-raising center. This brought about new heights of development. In 1905, another landmark came to be – the Inglewood Park Cemetery. Inglewood has also been home to the famous Hollywood Park Racetrack, one of the first horse racing sites in the United States.

Inglewood is home to many historical landmarks and will give any tourist the experience of a lifetime with all the secret stories it has to share. For sightseeing, you can start with Three Weavers Brewing Company, treat yourself to performances at the Forum, and experience the thrills of shooting at the LAX Firing Range.

To relax, you should try out Crystal Inn Suites and Spas, La Quinta Inn and Suites, Best Western Plus Suites Hotel, and Best Western Airport Plaza Inn. No tour is complete without trying new dishes; you can go for the best menus at Randy's Donuts, Stuff I Eat, Casa Gamino, Fiesta Martin Mexican Grill, Roscoes House of Chicken and Waffles, and The Serving Spoon Restaurant.

Inglewood is also home to many parks that are great sites for solo or joint picnics. Some parks in Inglewood include Darby Park, Eucalyptus Skate Park, Dorkweiler Beach, Glen Alla Park, Edward Vincent Park, and Larry Guidi Skate Park.

Great Western Forum,Inglewood  Randy's Donuts, Inglewood Welcome to Inglewood Sign, California

Inglewood Water Information

Inglewood provides water to 86% of its residents and businesses. Cal America Water and Golden State Water supply the remaining areas with water, ensuring that all the Inglewood residents get sufficient water for the running of their homes and businesses. The city water supply comes from city-owned wells that undergo treatment and blends with water that the city purchases from the West Basin Municipal Water District through the pipe connections of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

The city also gets recycled water from West Basin Municipal Water District for other activities such as landscaping and irrigation purposes at schools, city parks, cemeteries, and sewer-flushing and street-sweeping purposes.

Recycled water is essential for a semi-arid region like Inglewood, and the city can conserve approximately 1.5 million gallons of water through water recycling per year. This innovation tells of the city's measures to provide abundant water within its means for its residents and stretch the limited resources to cover their needs. However, it raises the question of Inglewood water safety and quality.

Some contaminants e present in Inglewood water above the safety guidelines include

  • Arsenic: This is naturally occurring in the earth's bedrock in some parts of the United States. Some human activities like coal ash disposal, apple orchard spraying, and the use of pressure-treated wood can deposit arsenic in water and soil. This chemical is deadly as it has no odor, color, or taste when it dissolves into water, and so it can remain undetected even at high contamination levels. Health risks associated with arsenic contamination include skin and bladder cancers, and with long term exposures, consumers are prone to lung and liver cancers.
  • Fluoride: Occurs naturally in surface water and does not happen alone, but in combination with other chemicals, making it a health hazard. A significant source of fluoride contamination is the runoff of surface water containing fertilizer residues. These can leave residents prone to bone cancers and brain malformation.
  • Radiological contaminants such as gamma and alpha rays can lead to deleterious gene mutations and cancers.
  • Other contaminants include total trihalomethanes, bromoform, and chloroform, which have severe health implications.

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