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The vast green expanse of beautifully growing trees and vegetation in Whittier helps one appreciate water's importance to a land and its people. In Whittier, we realize that any city's beauty is as good as its people's appreciation and respect for nature, and mostly water. That is why we seek to improve the quality of drinking water in this beautiful city through our RO water purification system.

With Aquatech's reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system, there is no downside. Our purifiers and dispensers are affordable and completely reliable. Our drinking water solutions are environmentally friendly and replaces plastic-bottled water, reducing plastic's economic and environmental effects.

For Whittier, check out our various point of use RO drinking water services on a monthly rental basis. Check out our water softeners and conditioners.

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About Whittier

Amongst the first residents of Whittier in its early years were Jonathan and Rebecca Bailey, adherents of the Quaker religion. As the town grew, the residents named it after John Greenleaf Whittier, who dedicated the city to his name with a beautifully written poem:

"My Name I Give to Thee"
Dear town, for whom the flowers are born,
Stars shine, and happy songbirds sing,
What can my evening give to thy morn,
My winter to thy spring?
A life not void of pure intent
With small desert of praise or blame;
The love I felt, the good l meant,
I leave thee with my name.

Interestingly, John Whittier never set foot in the city, but it still bears his name to this day, and a statue dwells in the Whittier museum park to honor his name.

Today, the town has grown into one of Southern California's leading cities, with a population of 96,523 residents. It is a mixed population, with a higher percentage being African American and Hispanic. With such a colorful history, you can be sure that Whittier has lots of attraction sites that keep tourists and visitors excited. Some of these include The Casa de Governor Pio Pico, Mt Olive, Broadway Cemeteries, Pio Pico Historical State Park, El Camino Real, and the Whittier Museum. These all have backstories that help both residents and tourists understand Whittier's journey from inception to date.

Other fun places include Whittier Travel Inn, which gives an insight into Whittier's accommodating and friendly nature, Central Park, Murphy Ranch Park, and Arroyo Pescadero Trail Road. You can shop for Whittier's most artful goods at Quad at Whittier, Whittier Marketplace, and Whittwood Town Center.

Uptown Whittier, California Whittier, California Whittier Bridge

Whittier Water Information

Whittier sources its drinking water from four deep and active wells located in the Whittier Narrows area. This goes through intensive filtration processes to supply Whittier's citizens with pure and drinkable water and maintaining the city's reputation as one with nature. These processes, however, do not assure of the purest form of water.

waste products, radioactive chemicals, farm fertilizers that leach into the soil, and wastes from industrial processes. Although Whittier is meticulous about water filtration, the water still has contaminants that are impossible to remove through conventional water purification processes. Therefore, the water may look clean and potable, with all the pure water characteristics – being tasteless, colorless, and odorless – and yet be contaminated water.

Tests on the water lead to serious concern because then we discover that although the water we consume appears to be nonpoisonous and suitable for drinking, it contains impurities that are can have dangerous health implications, especially over time.

As the world evolves and adopts new trends, every city and state has an opportunity to get better, leaving behind old and harmful ways and picking up better cultures. Whittier's best and most likable trait is its ability to integrate the old with the new and create a masterpiece with all the experiences and events the city goes through. This gives fresh hope that Whittier's water can be 100% free of impurities, and its citizens can access unpolluted and healthy water.

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Aquatech provides pure drinking water through reverse osmosis filtration systems. This is available to businesses and homes, providing every citizen of Whittier with uncompromised water. Whittier's water supply can be much better, and its citizens healthier with Aquatech's under sink RO filter systems, countertop dispensers and purifiers.

Our RO water purification systems in Whittier, California comes with FREE installation and service, bringing you UNLIMITED pure drinking water at all times.

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