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Aquatech Water Systems offers alkaline water as a 6th stage addition to our already 5-stage reverse osmosis systemsThis is a cartridge applied at the end of the reverse osmosis system that adds back minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. It raises the ph, lowers the ORP (oxygen reduction potential), and micro-clusters the water molecules.

While other traditional ionizers simply take tap water and turn the water alkaline, Aquatech adds it to the RO filteration process as a 6th stage filter, so that you get cleaner, healthier, and great-tasting water.

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Alkaline Water Properties

Alkaline water also referred to as antioxidant water has three significant characteristics:

Improved pH Level

Alkaline water is water produced with a ph above 7. Ours is usually around 8.5-9.5 but slightly varies with the water source. It is believed that higher pH levels can boost the body's metabolism and cleanse the bloodstream of toxic substances.

pH Levels for alkaline water

In addition to this, improved alkalinity of up to 9.5pH enhances the body's ability to absorb minerals and promotes general wellbeing and physiology. In theory, diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP)

The alkalinity of water is not only about its pH level but also the addition of minerals and potential of oxygen reduction, also called ORP. The ORP is the characteristic of water that represents its oxidation potential. The more positive the ORP is, the higher its oxidization level, while the more negative it is, the more its anti-oxidization features.

Most tap and bottled water have a positive ORP value, which makes them oxidizing. This presence of positive ORP has the potential to tolerate or facilitate cell deterioration.

However, alkaline water has a more negative ORP value that increases its antioxidizing properties. Therefore alkaline water, with its high negative ORP value, helps add more electrons and stabilizes the body. These extra electrons assist the system in neutralizing any adverse effects of free radicals. It also contributes to the balance of positive and negatively charged ions in the body while slowing down rapid cell degradation.

Micro-clustering of Water Molecules

Water has molecules that help it get absorbed into the body. For most regular tap and bottled water, the molecules appear in clusters which are usually too big sometimes. A single one of these clusters has up to 13 or 14 molecules. As a result of this, the water is usually hard to absorb by the body leaving you feeling hydrated for longer. The feeling of hydration also reduces your water intake and which is not beneficial for the body.

Water micro clusters

However, alkaline water goes through an ionization process, which helps break down water molecules into smaller structures. Alkaline ionized water has clusters with only about 5 to 6 molecules. Since alkaline water is more, your body gets hydrated faster and water is easily absorbed into the body. Consequently, you will feel the need to drink more water, which will help your body cells absorb essential nutrients faster.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Some of the several benefits of drinking alkaline water are:

Reduces acidity in the body: The human body can often accumulate acidic wastes from environmental toxins like smog or the artificial foods we eat. Alkaline water helps restore the body's pH balance by reducing its acidity.

Provides more essential minerals: Alkaline water is usually infused with additional alkaline minerals that help boost human health. These include magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium.

Detoxifies the body: Our body accumulates acidic wastes at different points in time, and these toxins could be harmful toxins if not expelled. Some study has revealed that alkaline water can help the body flush out these harmful toxins, thereby cleansing the system and contributing to our overall health. By drinking alkaline water regularly, one can be protected from the accumulation of heavy metals and mercury. The electrons emitted by alkaline water neutralize and reduce the generation of excessive free radicals and convert them into oxygen for energy production.

Keeps you hydrated: The alkaline water filtration process facilitates the absorption of drinking water by forming water into micro-clusters. In this way, your body absorbs water, leaving you well hydrated. Due to its micro-clustering property, alkaline water helps our body cells to take in water more quickly, thereby helping us get hydrated faster. This powerful hydration also fosters efficient blood circulation and quick absorption of essential minerals quickly. 

Reduces the risk of diseases: Some of the most deadly diseases will not survive in an oxygenated, alkalized environment. Alkaline water can help boost the body's immune system and has the ability to fight off diseases.

Treat gastrointestinal tract disorders: The high pH of alkaline water neutralizes the stomach's acidity, thereby improving the treatment of gastrointestinal tract disorders like diarrhea and gastric hyperacidity.

Increase high shear blood viscosity: Drinking electrolyzed alkaline water can intensify the high-shear blood viscosity of adults, especially when they are dehydrated.

Aids digestion: Alkaline water also helps in digesting acidic food. More so, it offers therapeutic benefits to patients with reflux diseases.

Helps weight loss: One of the most popular benefits of alkaline water is its tendency to contribute to weight loss and reduce obesity. One study revealed that drinking about two liters of alkaline water daily for two months can lead to a reduction in weight with over 10-pound loss. Other benefits of drinking alkaline water that can help in weight reduction include improvement of metabolism and reduction of appetite.

The Aquatech Advantage

Lady drinking RO water

Our alkaline filter process involves using a Biocera alkaline filter to provide water with a better pH level.

The advantage of our combined reverse osmosis and alkaline filtration system is that we ensure all contaminants in water are removed through carbon block and reverse osmosis membranes before alkalinity.

Many traditional alkalizers simply turn tap water into alkaline water. They have only a small carbon filter, which barely removes any impurities from the water.

Our reverse osmosis system removes over 99% of the impurities in the water before it is alkalized, providing purified and enhanced alkaline water.

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