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Santa Fe Springs is one of California's leading cities and has blessings that sit it on top of any list as beautiful, creative, and elegant by all standards. Its stunning scenery has breathtaking water bodies in small pouches around the city, endearing it to tourists and visitors.

Aquatech supplies businesses and homes with environmentally friendly and affordable reverse osmosis filtration systems that providers every citizen of Santa Fe Springs with pure water at all times. You can choose from countertop dispensers, purifiers to under sink RO filters, based on your preferences and needs.

For Santa Fe Springs, check out our various point of use RO drinking water services on a monthly rental basis. Check out our water softeners and conditioners.

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About Santa Fe Springs

Santa Fe literally means "Holy Faith" in Spanish, and we understand that most Californian cities have Spanish names because Spain colonized California in its early years. The population of Santa Fe as of 2010 was 16,223, as opposed to 17,438 in 2000. The city is predominantly an industrial one, with about 87% of the population working in various industries.

Santa Fe Springs is most popular to tourists for whale-watching shows, which take place throughout the entire year. The residents of Santa Fe Springs are hardworking and peaceful. The city's most common occupations are office and administrative support, sales, and production-related occupations.

Although the citizens of Santa Fe Springs are indeed very busy and intellectual people, they know how to have fun! Hot spots where residents chill after a hard day's work include Little Lake Park, Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet, and Hathaway Ranch & Oil Museum. Santa Fe Springs is the perfect city for those that love to work hard and play just as hard.

It is quite interesting to hear this city's history and how it got to supply petroleum to larger economies and rise above many limitations to become one of California's best cities. Tourists visit Santa Fe Springs not just for the lovely sights and attractions but also for mouth-watering meals. Some meals that will always cheer you up to include beans tacos, shrimp tacos, fish tacos, shrimp burritos, sushi, and yupdduk. You can get these meals at the best restaurants in the city: The Green Olive, Kahuku Ahi Poke & Roll, HiroNori Craft Ramen, and Bruce's Restaurant.

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Santa Fe Springs Water Information

Santa Fe Springs sources 74% of its water from surface water, while the remaining 26% comes from groundwater. It has three primary water supply sources: the Rio Grande, a few ground wells, and two reservoirs within Santa Fe Springs' National Forest. In the year 2000, there was a forest fire that polluted most of the city's water sources, and in 2011, there was flooding that made matters worse. Santa Fe Springs is well aware that there could be a recurrence that will make its reservoirs useless, as forests cover more than 61% of its watershed. The city's leaders have been making concerted efforts to look for alternative water sources for its inhabitants, one that is free from contaminants, always available, and potable.

A significant source of Santa Fe Springs water is from collecting surface water, which translates to a higher risk of contamination. One important source of water contamination in Santa Fe Springs is waste disposal. Santa Fe Springs is a highly industrial city, and so the waste from industries, agricultural processes, and domestic use all contribute to the contamination of water sources. Moreover, although there is a waste disposal site, about 16,800 occupants of Santa Fe Springs get their water from wells within 3 miles of that location. This puts them at health risks from the water they use and consume.

Other contaminants come from sewer leaks and surface runoff of agricultural chemicals, by-products of petroleum processing, and radioactive substances from the earth's surface to water sources. These make the water dangerous to the health of Santa Fe Springs inhabitants.

With the evolution of science and technology come innovations that improve our lives and help us live healthier and longer. Although the water quality situation of Santa Fe Springs seems fair, there is hope that the citizens can have 100% uncontaminated water with the reverse osmosis filtration system.

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Aquatech believes in excellence and seeks to provide reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water of the highest quality to all Santa Fe Springs residents at very affordable rates. We cater to both offices and homes in and around Santa Fe Springs with our portable dispensers and purifiers that removes all common water contaminants, making it healthy and tasty.

Our RO water purification systems in Santa Fe Springs, California comes with FREE installation and service, bringing you UNLIMITED pure drinking water at all times.

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