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Among the most scenic and hospitable cities in California, there is no doubt that Gardena makes the top three. Just like its name, the city hosts beautiful, green parks on every corner. From bustling casinos to action-packed trampolining, the city has entertainment for everyone.

For the drinking water problems faced by Gardena residents, Aquatech's reverse osmosis (RO) water filters are the solution. Our reverse osmosis dispensers remove sediment, odor, chemicals, and contaminants from your drinking water, making it tasty and healthy.

For Gardena, check out our various point of use RO drinking water services on a monthly rental basis. Check out our water softeners and conditioners.

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About Gardena

The most popular source of entertainment in Gardena, without a doubt, lies in Hustler Casino. The vast gaming zone hosts a shocking 91 tables and poker games; since they specialize in card games mainly, you will not find any slot machines here. You will not go hungry at Hustler’s Casino either: the kabobs at Larry Flynt’s Bar and Grill are rumored to die for.

Now let us talk a bit about Gardena’s namesake: gardens, of course! Take a stroll along with the multitude of recreational parks in the city, from the small yet splendid Freeman Park to the famous Rowley Memorial Park. Both are great for a game of basketball with your friends! Nature-lovers should take a trip to Gardena Willows Wetland Preserve as well. Stretching out over 13.6 acres of land, the park welcomes visitors every second Sunday and fourth Saturday of every month. Marvel at the colorful butterflies as you walk along the trail, especially looking out for the Yellow Warbler – perched on willow branches. These birds are the trademark of Gardena’s luscious Wetland Preserve.

Gardena has something to enjoy for everyone: take, for instance, their K1 Speed indoor racing centers! People of all ages are welcome to enjoy high-speed, electric go-karting and experience the thrill of a good race. If you are lucky, you might even see a professional racer like Ron Capps – they are known to visit Gardena’s racing center every once in a while.

It is not the end for thrill-seekers, not even close. If you are done visiting K1 and aching for a more action-packed adventure, your next stop should be Sky Zone, Trampoline Park. The place is literally lined (floors and walls) with adjacent trampolines, making for a refreshing (yet safe) experience. If that was not enough, Sky Zone also offers other extreme sports such as Ultimate Dodgeball and Skyjousting; there is even a freestyle bouncing arena for the children. Embark on a drink and meal at their food place, Fuel Zone, before another round of fantastic trampolining.

After all that excitement, you may now wish to relax a little in Gardena. A visit to the Joyful Expressions Paint and Taste Studio is just the place for you to do so. The studio offers visitors to make their masterpiece with experienced instructors and local artists. It is perfect as a relaxing activity with friends or family: laugh, sip wine, and unleash your creativity!

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Gardena Water Information

We think that as well as having enjoyable sites and activities, a city should offer perfect facilities to its citizens. Unfortunately, in the case of Gardena, the water quality scenario is a little murky at best. A wave of complaints rose against Golden State Water Company during 2016 when residents found ‘black, brown, sewage-like water’ spilling from their faucets.

Gardena’s water problem was so bad that the people complained that it was staining all of their laundry brown. Skin problems from the water reported, and worst of all, a lingering smell that citizens said would not leave. Due to the authority’s continued nonchalance on the matter, renowned environmentalist Erin Brockovich hosted town hall meetings at the time to discuss taking legal action. To a crowd of 200 people, she asked whether any of them had seen black, foul-smelling, or sludgy water from their taps: almost every person raised their hands.

Fast forward five years, and even now, the citizens of Gardena joke about how ‘you don’t drink the water in Gardena.’ During the height of the issues, most of the citizens switched to bottled water and stocked up on it to avoid the murky water from their taps; many of them have not switched back since. The thing is, even though Golden State Water Company states that they check for 230 contaminants in their water systems, people can no longer believe it. Complaints still pour in regarding Gardena’s water quality, and the expense due to the purchase of bottled water continues to rise.

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