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Corona is Spanish for "Crown" and connotes royalty and beauty. Corona, California, is indeed beautiful beyond doubt, which has a lot to do with excellent water sources for agriculture and a deep culture that shows oneness with the earth.

Aquatech Water Systems Inc., provides, eco-friendly reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system that reduces plastic bottles' dependence. Our company aims at providing every citizen of Corona with the best and healthiest drinking water dispensers, purifiers at affordable rates. We also offer FREE installation and maintenance to our clients, giving highly professional services at all times.

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About Corona

Corona is located along the western edge of the Inland Empire and is popularly known as the "Circle City" because of its intriguing circular layout. Corona is one of the most residential cities in California, but it also has its fair share of industries to cater to its populace. Corona is one city with lots of nicknames, including Crown Town, Crown Colony, Indianapolis, and Queen Colony. Corona formed at the height of the California citrus boom in 1886. The city was once the lemon capital of the world.

There are many sites to keep one busy in Corona. These are great architectural sites, monuments, and landmarks that tell long and exciting stories about the history and victories of Corona city. These include Corona Founders' Monument, Corona Heritage Park & Museum, Corona Historic Preservation, Skyline Drive Trails, an excellent choice for hiking and biking. Mountain Gate Park gives every visitor a taste of heaven and beauty on earth.

For the best experience of meals in Corona, you may want to visit Island Restaurant, Con Amore Ristorante, King's Fish House, and Texas Roadhouse. You should check out the malls around the city for shopping sprees and splurges. Some notable malls include Crossings at Corona, Corona Mall, Corona Hills Plaza, Corona Pointe, and Corona Orchard Center.

The predominant jobs in Corona are manufacturing, retail trade, healthcare, and social assistance. The two largest universities in Corona are Salon Success Academy-Corona, and Advanced Beauty Techs Academy, which have awarded 75 and 50 degrees, respectively.

Though the city has a mixed population of about five major ethnic groups, Corona citizens have a deep sense of togetherness and love. You will always feel like part of a whole in Corona.

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Corona Water Information

To service this great city, about 48.7% of the water comes from government-owned groundwater in wells, 47.7% comes from the Colorado River through Lake Matthews, and 3.6% comes from the State Water Projects' California Aqueduct. This supplies businesses, homes, and industries. Every year, Corona runs a series of water tests to ensure that the water is safe enough for its citizens.

In recent years, Corona has put protocols in place to ensure that the industries dispose of their wastes through the right channels, citizens do not flush drugs and harmful chemicals through drains, and drains are free from fats and grease. This helps maintain the purity of water sources to get clean and potable water to drink. These regulations have positively impacted the water supply, and the city's general water quality has significantly improved.

However, there are still some concerns regarding Corona's water and how it affects its citizens' health. Research has shown that the presence of highly radioactive substances that are mutagenic and their presence and accumulation in the system can lead to cancers, central nervous system dysfunctions, and genetic mutations. The consequences are exceptionally grave because although these chemicals may have little to no effect on the water's direct consumers, they can affect their offspring.

Another factor is the surface runoff of pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals from farms into the groundwater. This factor may be uncontrollable, and therefore, bears dire consequences for the citizens of Corona. Moreover, although the water goes through diverse purification processes, in the end, you still find that there are chemical residues in drinking water. For this reason, we cannot say that the water is pure and potable.

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Aquatech Water Systems Inc. aims at providing every citizen of Corona with the best and healthiest RO water on a monthly rental basis. Corona is the crown of California, and with Aquatech's RO purifiers and dispensers, it can glow even brighter. This method promises to provide Corona citizens with an endless supply of clean and crisp water that tastes good and is affordable.

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