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Water and gardens are two essential parts of Buena Park. Even with a limited water supply, the city's residents have learned the art of water conservation, stretching the limited supply to accommodate their needs and keep their city beautiful. Moreover, they can take things up a notch and get this water at its purest possible form for domestic and industrial use. Wouldn't that be awesome? That is what RO filtration offers.

Our affordable reverse osmosis water purifier systems are eco-friendly and reduces reliance on plastic water bottles, thus reducing the pollution in Buena Park that bottling companies cause.

For Buena Park, check out our various point of use RO drinking water services on a monthly rental basis. Check out our water softeners and conditioners.

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About Buena Park

Buena Plaza literally means "Good Park" and has been a nickname for this great city. Most residents believe that this city got its christening from the Chicago Buena Park. However, this reasoning may not be accurate as the two cities got their names in 1887. Buena Park is home to favorite tourist sites and has a large expanse of beautiful land to its name. The city is a center for dairy products, citrus, and wine products, requiring water and the right processing equipment.

Well-known tourist attractions in Buena Park include Knott's Berry Farm (a theme Park) and Knott's Soak City (a water park) – beautiful sites that no visitor can afford to miss. Other notable sites are Pirate's Dinner Adventure Show and a dinner show that has the setting of medieval times. The city's Entertainment Zone (or E-Zone) was once home to the legendary Movieland Wax Museum that was one of its kind in the world till it shut down in 2005.

Another endearing tourist attraction site would be the Japanese Village and the Deer Park in Knott Avenue. On Beach Blvd., many historic buildings will be a thrill for tourists the whole day. These include the Tice House, the Stage Stop Hotel, the Bacon House, the Whitaker-Jaynes House, and the 75-year old, multifaceted Dreger Clock.

Your tour through the city would be incomplete without a visit to the Nabisco factory, which stood as a Buena Park landmark for countless ages. Visitors to the city could smell cookies from the factory about five miles from the city.

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Buena Park Water Information

Buena Park is a city in a semi-arid region; hence, it must utilize the limited water resources in such a manner as to accommodate its domestic and public water requirements. Therefore, the Buena Park water division gets the city's water from two primary sources – imported water and groundwater. Groundwater pumps through the city from an aquifer beneath North Orange County. The aquifer recharges daily with about 10 million gallons of purified, recycled water. The larger percentage of about 70% of Buena Park drinking water is groundwater, and the city makes this up with imported water.

The imported water comes from the Colorado River and the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California. The water flows to the Southern Californian cities, including Buena Park, through the Colorado River Aqueduct and the California Aqueduct.

Of notable importance is the fact that almost 20% of California's energy demand is from water transportation, pumping, and treatment. This high energy usage on water provision decreases the city's general net profit, leading to massive losses from water provision alone.

Another downside to Buena Park's water supply is the presence of impurities in deep wells and groundwater and the contamination of water that may occur during water transportation through the aqueducts. Countless times, there have been erosions and leaching of chemicals from the earth's surface into groundwater and water bodies. These may go unnoticed for the most part, but with a constant buildup of these contaminants, they begin to take a toll on the residents that consume them.

With groundwater being the largest source of drinking water for Buena Park residents, there are tendencies that contaminants such as heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, wastes from natural oils and petroleum, industrial waste materials, and radioactive chemicals are present in the drinking water. These raise concerns for the health and well-being of Buena Park residents and calls for immediate intervention.

The reverse osmosis filter system that Aquatech offers protects the city's water and increases your drinking water quality. It also decreases the dependence on bottled water, thus protecting our environment. With our RO purifiers, Buena Park can get all the healthy water it needs for better health, productivity and growth.

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Every person in Buena Park deserves pure and safe drinking water. Aquatech Water Systems Inc. brings every city's dream of healthy drinking water to life in Buena Park.

Aquatech provides a wide range of clean and healthy drinking water services through our affordable reverse osmosis filtration systems on a monthly rental basis. We cater to both residents and businesses in Buena Park by installing our RO dispensers that are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

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