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The quality of water in any city gives a clear insight into its citizens' health, wealth, and wellbeing. This is a clear fact for large and small cities alike, making water a priceless commodity in any setting, including Lynwood, California.

Aquatech promotes the drinking of healthy water to Lynwood's residents, and hopes to reduce dependence on plastic bottles that have adverse effects on the ecosystem. With our reverse osmosis dispensers and purifiers, Lynwood citizens need not fear impurities or drinking water related health hazards any more.

For Lynwood, check out our various point of use RO drinking water services on a monthly rental basis. Check out our water softeners and conditioners.

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About Lynwood

Lynwood has an intriguing history related to the wife of C.H. Sessions, whose maiden name was Lynne Wood. Sessions acquired 400 acres of land in this part of California in 1902 and set up a dairy farm named Lynwood Dairy and Creamery. Some years later, the Southern Pacific Railroad had a siding at the dairy site and called it the Lynwood Siding. Homesites came years later and were the idea of seven men, who put up this large land for sale.

Lynwood has a total population of 71,022 people and is mostly a commercial and residential city that is also popular for producing metal and wood items. It is a unique and stand-alone city. Although it is one of the cities that make up southern Los Angeles County, this charming city holds a massive collection of historical sites and landmarks that stand out among other cities.

To have the best touring experience in Lynwood, you might want to get your stomach full at La Pasta, a family-run Italian eatery with a modern tweak. You are sure to love Guelaguetza or the Hacienda Mariana Restaurant for the best Mexican dishes. Lynwood's culture flows through the cuisine, and tasting from its wealthy and eccentric dishes is as much tourism as any attraction site. If you want more magic, walkthrough Lynwood Park lifts away all the blues every time, while Yvonne Burke-John D. Ham Park gives a welcoming feel to all visitors. Moreover, Lynwood does have the best forest views in California!

Other beautiful sites include St. Emydius Catholic Church, Kkottongnae, Knights of Columbus, Apache Inn, and Plaza México. You could always visit Alderwood Mall and American Girl Seattle for a delightful shopping experience.

Lynwood Lynwood

Lynwood Water Information

Clean water is essential to every community, regardless of the citizens' source of livelihood or day-to-day activities. All industries, agricultural facilities, and businesses need water, either as part of the manufacturing and processing items or as a necessity for workers. Hence, it is the fundamental right of every citizen and resident of Lynwood to have pure and usable water.

Lynwood sources its drinking water from a combination of surface water from the State Water Project in North California, the Colorado River, and local deep wells. Although California is a semi-arid region, the Lynwood Water Department, under the City Department of Public Works, can provide water to all its residents.

Lynwood's water department assesses water quality every year and distributes a Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report to the city's residents every month. These reviews and reports help the city improve its water quality and supply purer water to its residents.

However, a terrifying possibility is that most hazardous impurities in Lynwood's water may not filter out through conventional filtration processes. The accumulation of chemical residues in the body over time may lead to harmful health challenges. These chemicals include lead, industrial wastes, fertilizers, and radioactive chemicals.

Lynwood is a productive city with so many prospects that contributes discoveries and ideas that revolutionize the world. Our reverse osmosis water filtration systems are an innovation to the health and wellbeing of all Lynwood resident. Our RO potable drinking water is pure with great taste, and free of metals and chemicals.

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Aquatech Water Systems Inc., is a great believer in providing the best quality water for all Lynwood residents' at affordable rates. We provide homes and businesses with high quality 5 stage reverse osmosis drinking water systems. We also install and maintain portable dispensers in homes and offices.

Our RO water purification systems in Lynwood, California comes with FREE installation and service, bringing you UNLIMITED pure drinking water at all times.

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  • Includes hot/cold dispenser
  • Available in Countertop and Freestanding options

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