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A city that understands the importance of water to its citizens always thrives. Some may say that water is as important as life itself because it makes up about 75% of the human body and that same percentage of the earth. Riverside gives every visitor a clue that it bases a great deal of importance on water supply.

Aquatech's 5 stage reverse osmosis filtration system supplies Riverside residents with crisp, safe, and affordable drinking water to homes and offices. Riverside citizens can choose from countertop dispensers, purifiers to under sink RO filters based on their needs and preferences.

For Riverside, check out our various point of use RO drinking water services on a monthly rental basis. Check out our water softeners and conditioners.

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About Riverside

Riverside gets its name from its location beside the Santa Ana River and is the most popular city in inland California. By the 2010 census, it had a population of 303,871 people. The city is the largest in inland California and a stunning representation of the state in all aspects. When you visit Riverside, you quickly get lost in the city's wonders, as each stop offers a unique warmth and beauty.

Riverside has beautiful palm trees that give you an insight into all that California can be, and its amazing structures give you a sense of culture and belonging. Most tourists feel more welcome and at home in Riverside than in any other part of California. Visitors to Riverside have several attraction site options, and with these stunning sites come histories that are simply amazing.

An all-time favorite is Mount Rubidoux that serves as an excellent hike spot for residents and tourists. It is lined with flowers and many markers that represent the city's history. There is also a symbolic Peace Tower at the mountain's peak and a cross sign. This unites all hikers with no barriers whatsoever; at the top of that mountain, all people are one family. Then, the Mission Inn Museum, Hotel & Spa tells the tale of Riverside's victories, gives tourists a unique taste of various dishes, and shows the citizens' loving and friendly nature.

Other attraction sites in Riverside include the Fox Performing Arts Center, Fairmont Park, Van Buren Drive-in Theater, March-in Air Museum, and UC Riverside Botanic Garden. You may want to check out Main Street Mall, Galleria at Tyler, and Riverside Plaza for the best shopping experience.

Historic Downtown Riverside, California Mount Rubidoux Park, in Riverside The Mission Inn Hotel Riverside, California USA

Riverside Water Information

You may wonder how Riverside gets enough water to service its large population and visitors. The city's drinking water source is from groundwater stored in Bunker Hill and the Riverside Groundwater Basin. These reserves come from many years' stores of rain and snow and get replenished the same way. Although Riverside has the infrastructure and rights to import water, it has not done so since 2008.

However, research carried out in 2018 showed multiple contaminants in Riverside's water supply, making the water the 5th most contaminated in America. A significant reason for such a high level of contamination is that most citizens drink water from public wells and groundwater sources. Only a few rely on the municipal, treated water supply.

Some of these contaminants found in Riverside's water include:

  • Microbes from sewage and waste materials, surface runoff, and leakages into groundwater sources
  • Organic chemicals that may result from agricultural waste, petroleum production, by-products of industrial processes, and can be volatile and synthetic
  • Pesticides and herbicides can easily flow into groundwater sources when the rains fall and wash them from farmlands

Activities such as mining and petroleum processing put all groundwater sources at risk of radioactive substance contamination that could lead to neoplasia, cancers, and severe health implications. This is a real cause of concern, which means that Riverside citizens face significant health risks from the water that they consume.

To eliminate all contaminants from Riverside's groundwater sources, most responsible bodies must work hard and tirelessly for decades. They have to bring innovations that will make drinking water potable and safe for the city. So, what happens to current citizens? Do they have to keep consuming unsafe water, or is there a way out? Yes, we bring you the advances RO water filtration systems, that will purify your current tap water to give you unlimited pure and healthy water.

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Aquatech's RO water filter system is an efficient way to give Riverside residents with pure and great-tasting drinking water. It is eco-friendly and minimizes dependence on plastic bottles that pollute Riverside's environment. With our RO purifiers and dispensers you never have to worry about the safety of your drinking water.

Our RO water purification systems in Riverside, California comes with FREE installation and service, bringing you UNLIMITED pure drinking water at all times.

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