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Before fixing a trip to Huntington Park in California, it is good to learn about their sites and facilities. An important thing to note is that the water quality in Huntington Park is excellent – the citizens opt for RO water filters instead of expensive bottled water and sedimented tap water, which keeps them both happy and healthy.

Aquatech's RO water filters in Huntington Park comes with 5 stages filtration, designed to give you the purest water possible. Renting our reverse osmosis dispensers means not having to worry about the quality of your tap water, and annual maintenance.

For Huntington Park, check out our various point of use RO drinking water services on a monthly rental basis. Check out our water softeners and conditioners.

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About Huntington Park

LA is not the only place where you can get a ton of good food, and a rush of excitement – California has Huntington Park too! The city is home to many amazing dinners, entertainment spots, and of course, its namesake parks.

We think the very first place you should visit is Huntington Park Parks and Rec. Huntington Park has many areas to play for young kids, with classes in sports and exercise held for community members. There is another park right beside this spot called Salt Lake Park: with a huge basketball court and two entire playgrounds, Salt Lake Park has space for everyone to play in! If you want to round off the trip, consider visiting Freedom Park in the city too. Located near Nimitz Middle School, it is slightly smaller than the rest but has equal appeal.

If you are hungry after all the park-hopping, then embark on a quick meal at In-N-Out Burger. They have a chain there! However, if a Big Mac is more your style, you can pay a visit to Huntington Park’s local McDonald’s too. The breakfast meal at NORMS Restaurant (sausages, bacon, eggs, ham, pancakes, basically the whole shebang) is a trendy local option and the coffee at Tierra Mia Coffee. If you have just finished visiting Salt Lake Park, consider dropping by Mariscos el Levanton Restaurant as well; they are located south of the park, after Wells Fargo Bank, and serve fantastic fish tacos.

When you are eating and are hunting for entertainment, next travel to Gage Bowl, located at the far East of the city right after Celestial Wedding Services. Gage Bowl is great for a fun afternoon of relaxing and bowling. Finally, Huntington Park offers several places for its guests to rest after a day of fun activities, too: after buying a souvenir at the Unlimited T-Shirts store, book a room at the Roadway Inn Near La Live or the Casa Bella Inn to rejuvenate.

Huntington Park Water Information

The Huntington Park City Water Department sources most of its water from ground wells. The city also buys water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Huntington Park also has a value of 52 on the Best Places Water Quality Index scale, where 100 is considered to be the highest. Though the water quality has been deemed safe for drinking by city officials, meeting legal requirements can still mean that the water consists of contaminants.

Reports published regarding the quality of Huntington Park’s water state that it contains 25 different contaminants. The names and potential effects of several of these are listed below:

  • Arsenic: Can originate from coal power plants, pesticides, and industrial deposits. It is a known carcinogen as well as a cause of skin problems in humans.
  • Bromoform: Short term effects of ingesting high levels of bromoform include damage to the brain, kidney, and liver.
  • 1,4-Dioxane: Presence usually arises from industrial discharges into water supplies, such as from plastic manufacturing companies. The Environmental Protection Agency classifies it as a potential carcinogen.

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In Huntington Park, citizens can avail of Aquatech's RO drinking water services for safe, uncontaminated, and tasty water on a monthly rental basis. The 5-step filtration process used in our reverse osmosis water filters have made them indispensable additions in your family. It our duty that Huntington Park residents can easily access pure water using one of our RO purifiers and dispensers.

Our RO water purification systems in Huntington Park, California comes with FREE installation and service, bringing you UNLIMITED pure drinking water at all times.

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