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The quality of water in any city tells a lot about its activity and its citizens' welfare and wellbeing. This is true even for a city as large and famous as Los Angeles.

Aquatech Water Systems Inc. believes that every individual has the right to safe and tasty water. Hence, for the people in Los Angeles we bring high-quality, affordable reverse osmosis (RO) filters, purifiers and dispensers to both homes and commercial offices on a monthly rental basis.

We also provide water softeneing systems helping you reduce the amount of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, in your water supply. Our systems also reduce the soap scum buildup on your bathroom and kitchen surfaces extending the life of your appliances and plumbing system.

Our Reverse Osmosis Rental Filtration Systems in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

RO For Home

$25 / mo

  • 5 stage RO system
  • Includes faucet on sink
  • FREE refrigerator hook up

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Los Angeles

RO For Office

$38 / mo

  • 5 stage RO system
  • Includes hot/cold dispenser
  • Available in Countertop and Freestanding options

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  • FREE Installation
  • FREE Maintenance & Service
  • FREE Filter Replacement
  • FREE Water Quality Testing
  • FREE 7 Day Trial
  • Optional Alkaline Water Available ($10 p/m)

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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one city that's bursting with exciting facts, historical events, and jaw-dropping monuments. Many know that the name Los Angeles translates to "The Angels" in Spanish. However, most are not aware that this is just an abbreviation of the original "El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles sobre el Rio Porciuncula" which literally translates to "The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels on the Porciuncula River," and that the city started with a population of just 44 people.

Los Angeles is most popular as the world's film industry city and entertainment capital. It houses a high population of artists and filming institutes. Some interesting sites in LA include the famous Hollywood sign at Mount Lee, a favorite spot for tourists. Other favored sites include the top of the City Hall, which gives a total and pleasurable view of the entire city of Los Angeles, and Turnbull Canyon, which has an exquisite layout of breath-taking hills and lakes to keep visitors excited throughout their stay.

However, entertainment is not the city's sole income source. The citizens of Los Angeles are quite versatile in terms of business. This is visible in the numerous ranches, farms, and gardens that you find all around the great city. Some fun sites for shopping in LA are The Grove, Rodeo Drive, The Santee Alley, Melrose Avenue, and Hollywood & Highland. You can always buy items to your heart's desire.

Most impressive is the fact that Los Angeles sits at third place in the hall of fame of petroleum-producing cities, and if it were a country, Los Angeles would have an economy that is stronger than that of all Arab nations combined!

Los Angeles Downtown Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Water Information

Clean water in Los Angeles is a necessity, and because of its large population and high level of activity, there is the Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts (LACWD), which provides the citizens with water from three sources: local groundwater, the Colorado River Aqueduct (CRA), and water imported through the State Water Project (SWP). LA is a semi-arid region, and like other such areas, LA has to source water from multiple outlets to satisfy its citizens' needs.

67% of the city's water supply is from groundwater, and owners of wells pump water to supply their homes and apartments. 25% comes from the State Water Project, and 8% is from other sources that include surface water and recycled water. Although Los Angeles is semi-arid, it is quite intriguing that when it rains, it pours, and the water collects in special tanks and undergoes recycling for public and domestic use.

However, the question remains: How safe and potable is drinking water in Los Angeles, California? If the significant percentage of drinking water in Los Angeles is from privately owned well water, how safe are the citizens? The Environmental Working Group says that there is more than one contaminant in Los Angeles drinking water. In contrast, the Los Angeles Quality Control Board says that there are thousands of uncontrollable pollutants in the water. Naturally, this is a cause of concern about the health of Los Angeles citizens.

The prospect of drinking mutagenic chemicals and hydrocarbons from petroleum spills and other water contaminants leads to real and tangible fear. However, Los Angeles is a strong city that has weathered so many storms and will surely conquer this setback as well. The advent of the point of use reverse osmosis filtration system is just the right innovation to ensure that Los Angeles citizens get an unlimited supply of clean and potable water.

Whole House Water Softeners & Conditioners in Los Angeles

Aquatech's whole house water softening, conditioning, and filtration systems provides softer, cleaner, and healthier water for residents in Los Angeles.

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