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Isn't my tap water already clean?

A couple of local water conditions may require extra filtration to make it suitable for drinking, especially when the water source is unknown. Our bottle-less water coolers utilize a tested and trusted state-of-the-art five-stage filtration process to ensure you get the best drinking water always.

Are bottled water not filtered already?

Our 5-stage innovative purification technology surpasses the traditional filtration system used by most bottled water companies that stop at just the third stage of filtration. Beyond removing harmful chemicals and organic substances from your drinking water, we also infuse beneficial minerals and balance the ph of your water to ensure you have an unlimited supply of optimized healthy drinking water.

Will I save if I switch from bottled to bottle-less

A bottle-less water cooler can help you save up to 75% by switching to an RO filter. Typically, each gallon delivered for a traditional bottled water dispenser costs about $0.79 because you are paying for the water and the plastic and delivery. However, with our bottle-less water coolers connected directly to your water source, you only spend about $0.02 per gallon.

What if I don't have a water source within my facility?

Our bottle-less water coolers can be installed to any water source within 1,000 feet of the location. You do not have to worry about the water quality since we use an innovative RO filtration system for purification. Usually, every building has a source of water that the water cooler can be connected to. We will figure it out, so you do not need to worry.

How do I pay for the water cooler?

We operate a seamless payment process either by check or a credit card. We charge a flat rate monthly pay for our bottle-less water coolers - including free maintenance and services.

How long does it take to get a bottle-less water cooler installed?

Once you have decided on the place you wish to position your water cooler, our highly trained installers will set it up in less than one hour. Click here for installation process.

What if the part connected to the water source starts to leak?

We take a lot of precautions that guarantee no leakage when you use our bottle-less water coolers. As safety is our priority, we do not connect to a water line without ensuring a shut-off valve. Our expert installers do this to make sure you can shut off the water source to your bottle-less dispenser if you ever have the need. Our bottle-less ice and water coolers have a functional leak detector that shuts off the water once a leak is detected ( please confirm this too). This way, there will be no surprise spills of water on the floor that can leave a mess or, worse, cause accidents like falls or slips.

Do you offer personalized services?

Absolutely. We have an office full of live operators who are always available to answer customers' calls and offer personalized services. You can also request a direct mobile phone line to a sales representative who can further assist with your service needs in a prompt, timely manner.

What is unique about Aquatech bottle-less water coolers?

Besides the uniquely stylish designs of our water coolers that add to the beauty of your space, we use an advanced 5-stage reverse osmosis system that provides refreshingly pure and enhanced drinking water with a high capacity of 75 gallons per day. Our dispensers also utilize stainless steel reservoirs and are energy star certified.

Do you provide bottle-less water coolers to homes, or is it just for businesses?

Our bottle-less water coolers are suitable for both home and office use. We have a full range of bottle-less water coolers with different capacities depending on your needs.

Would the installation not tamper with the architecture of my building?

No, it won't. Usually, water lines are tapped from underneath a sink or through the ceiling. Our plumbers and installers are highly trained to carry out seamless water cool installation without tampering with your facility's design.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can. We offer a 7-day no-obligation trial for you to experience the several benefits of our bottle-free water coolers.

What are the advantages of bottle-less water coolers over the bottled ones?

There are a lot of advantages. First, it's healthier, safer, and eco-friendly. You will also save costs and space, avoid heavy lifting, and get an unlimited supply of pure drinking water.

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