Improve Your Tap Water Taste

5-Stage Under Sink RO Water Filters With Faucet For Rent

Drink cleaner, healthier, better-tasting water for less than $1 per day, right from the convenience of a faucet on your sink.

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Ultra Pure
Great Tasting
Healthy & Clean
Eco Friendly

Convert your tap water into cleaner, healthier, and better-tasting drinking water.

Tap water is not as healthy and clean as you think it is. It can contain harmful contaminants and chemicals that are bad for your health.

You can buy bottled water, but it is expensive, and you risk the negative effects of drinking out of plastic bottles.

No more worrying about the quality of water at your sink. Nor the need to buy costly bottled water ever again.

Under kitchen sink RO with faucet is the solution.

Our 5-stage under sink reverse osmosis water filters designed for your home kitchen will remove 99% of contaminants, bacteria, and odor from your tap water, giving you clean, healthy, and tasty drinking water at an affordable monthly rental price.

We also provide a separate line that can be run to your refrigerator/ice maker at no extra cost.

By installing our filters under your kitchen sink, you will save money while improving the quality of life for everyone in your household!

Aquatech Under Sink RO Price

FREE Trial For 7-Days

Yes, you heard it right! We are offering a no-obligation FREE trial for 7-days. Just mention that you found us through “WEB” and get unlimited pure RO drinking water for FREE for the first week.

  • 5-stage Advanced RO System
  • Kitchen Sink Faucet
  • FREE Refrigerator Hook Up
  • FREE Installation
  • FREE Service & Maintenance
  • Optional Alkaline Filtration ($10/mo)

$25 /mo

from 2nd week onwards.

Under Sink RO Features

Instant Dispensing

Clean, ultra-pure water delivered instantly from a designated faucet right at your sink.

Save Countertop Space

The out-of-sight installation will save valuable space on your countertop.

Large Capacity

Make up to 75 gallons in a single day but will only produce what you use.

Long Lifespan

Our under sink RO filters are rated to last longer, even with very high consumption levels.

Easy to Install

Professional installation in less than an hour. It hooks up to your inline water supply.

Refrigerator/Ice Maker Hook Up

Run the ultra-pure water to your refrigerator/ice maker at no additional cost saving you money on those filters.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews

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Get Started: An under sink reverse osmosis filter is a great way to provide yourself with cleaner, healthier, and better-tasting water right from your kitchen faucet.

It’s a decision that will save you tons of money over the long run and make you feel better about drinking high-quality, exceptionally pure water.

For FREE Trial, Call: 866.780.7500

Other Product Options:

Under Sink RO Water Filtration System

Under-sink reverse osmosis (RO) water filter is a device that filters your water at the point of use (POU), usually installed inside of the cabinet below your kitchen sink. It flushes out contaminants found in your tap water while dispensing fresh, clean drinking water.

Our below-the-counter reverse osmosis water filters improve the quality of your home's tap water by reducing chlorine taste and odor and sediment, lead, mercury, heavy metals (like copper), microbes (such as bacteria and cysts), and other contaminants. The designated faucet eliminates your need to drink from plastic bottles and the risk of leaching BPA into your water.

Benefits of reverse osmosis (RO) water filter system:

  • Simply cleaner, healthier and better-tasting drinking water.
  • Removes up to 99% of the impurities.
  • Saves Money: Cut your drinking water cost by over 75%.
  • Hassle-Free: No more transporting heavy bottles.
  • Go Green: Reduce your carbon footprint by Decreasing plastic bottle waste in our landfills.
FREE Installation
FREE Maintenance
FREE Filter Replacement
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