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Part of the world's favorite Tarzan movie has its setting in Culver. Moreover, although this city may not be as famous as other Californian cities, its beautiful scenery reminds you of nature's best gifts to us – water, land, and vast vegetation – which are free.

Aquatech Water Systems Inc. provides just the quality of water that the city of Culver needs. We believe that every citizen has the right to water and clean and affordable water in the comfort of their homes and workplaces. We meet this need through our reverse osmosis water filters and dispensers, and offer FREE installation and maintenance services for you to enjoy unlimited drinking water.

For Culver City, check out our various point of use RO drinking water services on a monthly rental basis. Check out our water softeners and conditioners.

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About Culver City

The beautiful city of Culver has its name after its founder, Harry Culver. The city was originally an all-white settlement until the 1800s. Presently, the city is a home for all people and has a bright and harmonious mix of culture and traditions visible in food, shops, and entertainment.

Culver is a thriving city with about 500 startup companies to its name and maybe the topmost scenery used in many movies. Some movies that have shot scenes in Culver include The Wizard of Oz, Citizen Kane, and Gone with the Wind. A large portion of the television series, I Love Lucy, also has scenes from Culver.

Culver boasts top-notch entertainment, tech, arts, and food, and there are several sites to keep you busy. Tourists often find it difficult to leave, and there have been mass relocations into the city in recent years. Culver's important landmarks include Heart of Screenland and Sony Pictures Studios, which are huge studios in Culver, and the city's life-blood. You may also want to visit the Helms Bakery District, which has several foodie shops, the famous bookstore Arcana, and many studios. The bakery itself is now defunct but serves as a historical site of the first loaf of bread to land on the moon!

Other places to visit include Coolhaus Ice-cream, the historic Culver Hotel, and the Culver Arts District, which has about 40 art galleries waiting on tourists to explore.

Culver City Sign Culver's Restaurant Carlson Park, Culver City, California

Culver City Water Information

As of 2019, Culver was home to about 39,185 people. With such a large population, Culver requires a large water supply to tend to their needs. Culver gets its water supply from the State Water Project, the Los Angeles Aqueduct, and the Colorado Aqueduct. These sources provide sufficient water for Culver residents but bring us to the question of safety as drinking water.

California is generally an agricultural and industrial state, requiring lots of water supply for optimal productivity. The state has the foresight and adequate technical knowledge to provide aqueducts that collect surface water from rain and snow and groundwater from deep wells present in almost all Californian cities.

However, recent research has detected some contaminants in Culver's water supply in quantities above the health guidelines. These include:

  • Arsenic: This metal is a potential causative agent for skin, lung, and bladder cancers, and long term exposure can increase the risk of prostate and kidney cancers.
  • Hexavalent Chromium: This may be a direct result of groundwater contamination, and a large portion of California, including Culver, has this present in their drinking water. A high risk of consuming water that contains chromium is its tendency to cause cancers of all types and genetic mutations.
  • Industrial Waste: There is a high tendency that buried industrial wastes can leach into ground wells unnoticed and affect Culver's water supply. Some of these chemicals can cause irreversible DNA mutation, cancers, and other health conditions.

These and many more of Culver's water contaminants will not filter away through conventional filtration and sedimentation processes but need an innovation that supplies Culver residents with clean, affordable, and potable water in the comfort of their homes and offices.

The pride of any city is its ability to provide its residents with the best of life's basic necessities – water, food, and shelter. Water is essential because it meets domestic, industrial, and office needs. Hence, Culver residents must have access to abundant, affordable, and pure water that is free of contaminants.

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Aquatech's RO filter systems come at affordable monthly rates along with holistic services. Our reverse osmosis filtration system is non-invasive and eco-friendly, reducing your reliance on plastic bottles and keeping the city of Culver free from the pollution that these bottles cause.

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