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We are proud to introduce our highly innovative five-stage purification system with an option for a 6th alkaline stage which feeds directly to our bottleless water coolers or a faucet on the sink. 

The sediment and carbon filter work together to make our system one of the best in the world for production. What is even more amazing about this membrane by DOW Chemicals though, are its microscopic holes (the size of .0001 microns) that block all unwanted particles from passing through - not just bacteria or contaminants but also foreign objects and sediments which could cause major damage if they got passed back into water!

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Reverse Osmosis Filtration Process

Here is how our unique 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system works to remove up to 99% of the impurities in your water.

Sediment Filter

Stage 1 - Heavy Sediment Filtration

The first stage of our RO filter system is the sediment filter, which involves complete removal of all particulate matter, dirt, silt, pipe residue, and rust from your drinking water.

Carbon Block

Stage 2/3 - Carbon Block Filtration

Plain tap water often contains certain organic elements that may be harmful to the body. Our carbon block filtration process removes such organic solvents, including chlorine, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

Reverse Osmosis

Stage 4 - Reverse Osmosis Membrane

The reverse osmosis membrane is most important stage of the system.  Using a Dow Filmtec material, with holes the size of .0001 microns, only the purest microns of water are able to pass through the membrane while the larger microns are being directed down a separate waste stream.  This leads to the removal of larger microns and impurities with things like fluoride, lead, mercury, arsenic along with other inorganic material.

Activated Carbon Filter

Stage 5 - Granular Activated Carbon Filter

The granular activated filter is comprised of a unique blend of carbon derived from burnt coconut shells.  This final polishing filter is designed to enhance the taste of the water just before the water is delivered to the dispenser or your faucet.

Alkaline Filter

Stage 6 - Enhanced Alkaline Filtration (Optional)

When ordered, this 6th stage alkaline filter can be applied to the end of the system.  AKA antioxidant water, this alkaline stage will raise the PH up to 8.5-9.5, lower the ORP, and add back minerals to the water. This stage aids in enhanced hydration and is a popular option.

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