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Fontana is a city blessed with abundant creativity and a wealth of many different cultures. Its abundance of tradition gives it a certain elegance that is unique and peculiar to the city. Moreover, there is the promise of much more to come with the advent of a reverse osmosis filtration system, which provides clean and potable water for Fontana residents.

Aquatech's reverse osmosis filtration system gives a positive answer to the possibility of providing clean and healthy water to all of Fontana's population. Our RO water filters are eco-friendly, thus reducing the pollution in and around Fontana.

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About Fontana

Azariel Blanchard Miller founded Fontana in 1919, but the city became popular during World War II when Henry J. Kaiser built a large steel mill within the area. Right now, the city is a modern area that houses about 214,547 residents. Fontana is Italian for "fountain" or "water source" and got its name from the city's proximity to the Santa Ana River's east.

Henry J. Kaiser built the Fontana Kaiser Permanente medical facility to provide for the steel plant workers' health. This medical facility is now the most prominent care organization in the United States.

Fontana is particularly proud of its low crime rate, low rate of unemployment, affordable housing and cost of living, and most importantly, the city's ability to maintain its hometown atmosphere despite its rapid growth rate. In keeping with its excellent culture, Fontana has had many medals from sports and arts and has many recreational opportunities, including Center Stage Theater, the Auto Club Speedway, and Pacific Electric Trail, 59 sports fields, the Arts Depot, and 36 parks.

There is always fun in Fontana if you know where to look! It would be best if you visited the Auto Club Speedway, Rusty Wallace Racing Experience, Sierra Lakes Golf Club, or Brunswick Zone Foothills Lanes to display your sporting prowess. You may want to visit Fiesta Park, one of the most loved parks in Fontana, with enough space, peace, and quiet for a nice picnic.

The Fontana City Hall is a medium for all artists to showcase their artwork. The Fontana City Hall sponsors the Artists Showcase Program to allow budding artists to exhibit their work and gain popularity. For the best hiking adventures, you should visit Mount Jurupa or the Smoke Stack Trail.

city center of Fontana, California.  Downtown district of Fontana, California, USA. The Auto Club Speedway of Fontana, California, USA.

Fontana Water Information

The Fontana Water Company gets its water supply from the Lytle Creek surface flow and deep wells in the Chino Basin, Rialto Basin, Lytle Basin, and the No Man's Land. It also purchases water from the San Bernardino Valley Municipal water district and the Inland Empire Utilities Agency. In emergencies or water shortages, the water company purchases water from the Cucamonga Valley Water District to make water sufficiently available to the city's residents.

Lytle Creek water diverts to the penstock and then flows by gravity into the Afterbay. The Afterbay is immediately downstream of the hydroelectric power plant that belongs to the Southern California Edison Company. The Afterbay delivers this water to Fontana Water Company's Sandhill Surface Water Treatment Plant, where it blends with water from the California State Water Project for disinfection and treatment before distribution to the city's residents.

The Fontana Water Company also sources its water from 29 additional wells to provide sufficient water to Fontana residents. These wells have an even distribution across the Lytle Basin, No Man's Land, Rialto Basin, and Chino Basin. They provide water to the city's residents based on the region and locations of their homes.

The federal, state, and local agencies all have roles to play in setting water quality standards for Fontana residents. This requires that the Fontana Water Company test the water quality, which they provide to the residents at intervals. The Fontana Water Company has many challenges and setbacks in maintaining the water quality in Fontana due to the industrial and commercial activities in the city.

However, they work with the State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water to utilize the best available technologies to provide adequate clean and pure water for public and domestic use. This, however, does not imply that the city is entirely void of water contaminants, as there are still pollutants like radioactive chemicals, industrial waste products, and agricultural chemicals dissolved in the water.

This begs the question: Is it possible to provide 100% potable water to 100% of Fontana's population?

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