For a Clutter-less Office Space

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Services For Your Office

Provide your office with an endless supply of cleanier, healthier and tastier drinking water from our RO dispensers. We handle maintenance and service for FREE.

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Ultra Pure
Great Tasting
Healthy & Clean
Eco Friendly

As a business, good decision-making reflects a good company and its employees. A bottle-less water cooler is that decision. Your business will look and feel cleaner to you, your employees, and your customers.

Our skilled and experienced technicians can install a bottleless RO water dispenser anywhere you desire in your office or warehouse to meet your requirements, preferences and style.

Don't risk the health of your employees by chosing plastic water bottles that have sat in the sun aboard hot diesel trucks that run the risk of leaching BPA into the water. Our RO filter dispenses purified water in a closed system with water sitting inside stainless steel reservoir making it safe to consume.

Our low fixed monthly cost for endless supply of ultra-pure water creates an office free from the pitfalls of bottled water delivery. Free yourself from the bottle and take part in the future of drinking water.

Speak to our expert for custom drinking water solutions for your company, and take part in creating a greener space around us.

With Aquatech, you will save an average of 75% or more on your drinking water cost by going bottleless.

Our 5-stage high capacity reverse osmosis filtration system can produce up to 75 gallons per day.

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Our Products

Choose the best fit for your drinking water needs.
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RO Water Dispensers
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Produce your own endless supply of pure and great-tasting drinking water without the hassles, costs, and environmental harms of bottled water.

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Why Choose Our RO Dispensers?

Office Heavy Water Bottle Lifting

No heavy lifting

Eliminate the liability of employees lifting 40-pound bottles off the floor and trying to balance them onto a water cooler. No more giant bottles cluttering the office and dealing with deliveries.

Save Money

Save money

Start saving money with a fixed monthly cost for virtually unlimited water for your entire business. You can save an average of 75% or more going bottlelesss.

Go Green Save Earth

Go green

Do something great for the environment. Millions of barrels of oil are used in bottled water production, and over 50 billion plastic bottles end up in our landfills every year. Bottled water delivery puts millions of polluting diesel trucks on our roads.

Healthier and Safer Water

Healthier and safer

Our dispensers are equipped with stainless steel reservoirs, and water is purified and delivered in a closed system. There are no risks of BPA leaching into the water from microplastics or any airborne particles contaminating the water reservoir (such as placing bottles on and off the dispenser).

Staff in Office Drinking RO Water

Get Started: Show your employees and customers you care about their well-being, and chose to go bottleless. Make the choice today and order your Aquatech Bottleless Hot and Cold Water Dispenser to be part of your company's drinking water needs.

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Google Reviews

Google Reviews

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For whom are our RO water filters and dispensers?

Office Size

Our unique water dispensers are perfect for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have 1-100 employees, or more, our 5 stage system is rated to produce up to 75 gallons of water per day. Our system only produces what you need but can handle the heaviest workload. The more water you use, the greater the savings. Small office or large, our bottleless dispenser is for you.


No matter what industry you are in, Aquatech caters to you. From a law firm to a dusty body shop, we have a suitable dispenser for you. Our customers love our bottleless dispensers because they are a closed sealed system. They can handle the harshest of environments and still bring out the best in the most sophisticated settings. Warehouse or office, our dispensers are the superior choice.

What makes our RO filtration system better?


Aquatech's bottleless water coolers take up no room. The size of the dispenser, and that is it! No sight of water bottles piled in the closet or the corner of the breakroom. No employees dreading changing the bottles or wondering where to put the empty ones. Our bottleless dispenser hooks directly to your water line, making it a clutter-free environment. What will you do with all that free space?

Install Anywhere

Chose where you would like your dispenser to be located in the office or warehouse (front or back of the building, in the reception, lunch area, or in the breakroom; it does not matter.) We can install it wherever you desire. Installation is usually performed in under an hour. It is similar to hooking up an ice maker or running the internet to your computer.

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